Badminton Court Etiquette

by Kerry Mullen 27 September 2017

All sports have their own specific etiquette. The dictionary definition of ‘etiquette’ is: the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Badminton etiquette says:

Don't walk across the back of the court when there is a rally in progress, or about to start on that court. On a busy club night there is pressure to get to your court quickly to start the next game or you are talking with your partner when returning after the game. Many people are so involved in their game that they forget to be aware of what is going on around them. It is considered not good practice to walk (or run) across the back of a court when the players on the court are about to serve or are in the middle of a rally. Most rallies only take 10-15 seconds or so maximum so it is not long to wait. Just wait patiently at the edge of the court until the rally has finished & then go quickly across.

Returning the shuttle at the end of the rally...etiquette says that if the shuttle is on your side of the net it is your responsibility to return it to the server. You should pick up the shuttle on your racket or in your hand & pass it to the server in a friendly way. You should not hit it or push it under the net – this is seen as impolite & it also ruins the feathers. It is OK to put your racket under the shuttle & lift it to the server...but it is not OK to hit or swipe it across under the net.

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