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Jane Lipton of Yeovil Badminton Club Receives the Chaplain Cup

by Martin Thomas 11 June 2018

Jane Lipton of Yeovil Badminton Club has received the Chaplain Cup for 2018. The Cup is named after Chris Chaplain a player who died of cancer years ago and is presented to people who have made a significant contribution to Badminton in this area. Jane's contribution has been to help acquire funding for the refurbishment of Westlands Sports & Fitness Club from Badminton England. Congratulations!

Yeovil Table Tennis Club Challenge Yeovil Badminton Club

by Jane Lipton 03 June 2018

Yeovil Badminton club challenged the Yeovil Table Tennis club to play Badminton. So they challenged us to play Table Tennis! It was an interesting and fun evening. Now we know how to hold the bat, spin a forehand and score a game. Many thanks to Gill Thorne and the rest of the Table Tennis players from Yeovil Table Tennis for hosting us.

We will challenge you again next year, won't we Ben Lipton, Chris Collins, Will Cameron, Steph Lipton, Colleen Young and Luke Barrett?!

Yeovil Squash Club Challenge Yeovil Badminton Club

by Jane Lipton 03 June 2018

Yeovil Badminton club also challenged Yeovil Squash Club to play Badminton. So naturally they challenged us to play Squash. We now know how to score, hit a backhand and not hit the wall!

Many thanks to Mark Pepper and the rest of the Yeovil Squash players for hosting us. We will challenge you again next year, won’t we Ben Lipton, Colleen Young, Steph Lipton and Luke Barrett?!

Yeovil Badminton Club, Double Champions in West Dorset Mixed Leagues

by Martin Thomas 08 May 2018

Congratulations to West Dorset Mixed League Team A for winning the West Dorset Division 1 and Team B for winning the West Dorset Division 2.

Now you have to go to the West Dorset Presentation Evening on Saturday 12th May at Cerne Abbas Village Hall to collect your trophies!

Well done to all the players.

Improvers v Seasons

by Jane Lipton 05 December 2017

A YBC Improvers v Seasons match which was held on Sunday 3rd December at Gryphon. Our Improvers lost overall but gained valuable playing experience. They all enjoyed the games and thanked Seasons for their friendly competitiveness.

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Junior Singles Tournament

by Jane Lipton 04 December 2017

Yeovil Badminton Club and South Somerset Community Badminton Network ran a Junior Singles Tournament on Sunday November 19th at Westlands Sports & Fitness Club. There were 3 age groups: U13, U15 and U17. All matches were played best of 3 to 21.

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YBC Levels tournament

by Kerry Mullen 25 October 2017

The first annual Level doubles tournament took place on 23rd October. The men's tournament had 14 entries & sadly there were only 2 on the womens' side so they were incorporated into the men's tournament.

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Yeovil Badminton Club players success at the Somerset Restricted.

by Jane Lipton 01 October 2017

The 30th Annual Somerset Badminton Restricted Tournament was held on Saturday 30th September with 7 entries from Yeovil Badminton Club. In the Mens Singles 4 out of the 8 Quarter finalists were YBC players. In the Mens Doubles 4 out of the 8 Semi-finalists were YBC players.

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Badminton Court Etiquette

by Kerry Mullen 27 September 2017

All sports have their own specific etiquette. The dictionary definition of ‘etiquette’ is: the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

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5 Top Tips for Captains of Yeovil Badminton Club

by Chris Dawson 25 August 2017

There are many important things to be mindful of as a Captain and it's not just about fixture dates and trying to win. Here are a few key pointers I've picked over up the past 5 seasons to hopefully help you with your new or continued role.

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